Reality of how America sees people of color

I want to be part of the conversation. The above video is horrifying, and I am honestly shocked how people of color are treated in our health system by doctors and nurses. It really is hard for me to believe, but I want to keep listening and learning. Did you hear about Serena Williams after she had her baby? Because she is an athlete, she knew exactly what was happening in her body, and demanded an ultrasound. There was hesitation and the hospital staff just wanted to give medication because they did not realize the severity, luckily Serena was an advocate for herself,


Below is a fascinating discussion that is so open about race in America, led by Monique DeBose. Spread the word and let’s keep talking, so we can pass on this wisdom to future generations and a new way of connecting to each other in this world

Coach Yulia

Monique DeBose was live.

Let’s talk about Race and Identity with special guests Erinn Anova and Monica Day

A Mulatto Math: Summing Up the Race Equation in America event.

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