Jews are cleaning their outer and inner “chametz”

There are many double meanings and deeper meanings. One of my favorite phrases is double entendre.

Definition of double entendre

plural double entendres play \ same also -ˈtäⁿz-ˈtän-drəz\

1. linguistics a word or expression capable of two interpretations with one usually risqué 

  • flirty talk full of double entendres
2. literature ambiguity of meaning arising from language that lends itself to more than one interpretation

When we speak of male and female, as well as life and death, it means more than one thing. We all have male and female energy and closing of one door, leads to another.

During Passover, Jews around the world are frantically deep cleaning every corner of their house. We are searching for chametz, which literally means crumbs. Symbolically it is also about out with the old, in with the new in every area of our lives.

We eat Matza instead of leavened bread, and below is a beautiful understanding on why we did not have time to wait for the bread to rise.

Chag Sameach,
Happy Passover,
Coach Yulia


[*one of the commentaries explains we hurriedly left Egypt
when we did –because the maximal transition time is when the seed decomposes just enough to allow it to blossom–no less and no more*]

*rock bottom

is a state of being

is a place of healing

is a way of seeing

that there is nowhere

to go anymore but up

* dying to live

was all he could say

he gave all he could give

there was no other way

so he let it go come what may

and he began to live

*Torah is only acquired

by one who kills himself

Life –in it’s true sense

is only accessed through dying

we die into a brand new world

one life-time gives way to another

*Abraham was told to

let go of it all

–his name, his fame,

his wealth , his identity

and only then when all the externalities

are dead and gone

does one’s true essence live on

*and the day becomes the night

and the night becomes the day

that is the pattern there is no other way

*and our slave-nation was freed

when the seed

of our nationhood

could not wait to be conceived

not even the amount of time

as it takes the dough to rise


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