The Benefits of Washing Dishes

  1.  Washing dishes is actually good for you when your mind focuses on something it literally relaxes
  2.  The warm water feels soothing, and especially if it’s cold outside it warms everything up
  3. I recently bruised my wrist, so I take off my brace to wash the dishes and I feel like the warm water with the light motion is helping it heal
  4.  I used to use disposable gloves, and sometimes put lotion in them for the warm water would really open up my pores so the lotion to get into my skin
  5. My sister-in-law in Atlanta inspired me to get these amazing gloves that are small so they fit my hand, unlike gardening gloves, but also long so they go up to the elbow and keep clothes dry (when I feel like I need lotion, I use the disposable, my hands are really dry)


Happy Washing!

Coach Yulia



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