I am so happy to see others on their journey and finding what fits

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I have been lucky to dabble in many different adventures, careers, and life paths. At different times of my  life something would be a good fit, but change is part of life, and I like to ride the waves.

This was a big weekend for people living their purpose in this world. I see their happiness on social media, and how they are inspiring others to keep searching and to try something new.

When you believe in something, give it your all, and surround yourself with support, things are going to happen. Actually two things, either it will all keep rolling, or you will realize that it is not your path. It may also lead to other paths, because of one experience, you were introduced to something that clicked for you.

I want to commend all the the marchers, especially the children. No matter what your stance, it is beautiful that we all can have our voices heard. Watch an 11 year old below, representing and being the voice for African American kids.

When I was eight months pregnant with my second child, I was looking for another source of income because I had to take a break from teaching classes. I found the most amazing group of trainers, athletes, dancers, yoga teachers,and military veterans that were joining an Herbalife family.  Personally, the shakes were a lifesaver when my daughter was born. I had to juggle nursing, not sleeping, and taking care of my 18 month old son. I focused on pregnancy and post partum health, and met my Doula teacher who lived in the area. I also met so many inspiring people who I still keep in touch with. This weekend after 7 years, a few are achieving success and awards, and I am so happy that they stuck with it because it was the perfect fit for them.

I am so happy to see others on their journey finding what fits! Different things fit at every stage of life, ride the waves, and be happy for the others, we are all needed, so everyone can find the right fit.

Coach Yulia

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