Birthday Boy!

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I am so grateful for my kids.

I am also feeling blessed for the reasons that they push my buttons.

Thank God they are happy, healthy, full of life, full of energy, independent, and strong willed!

Happy Birthday Matisyahu!

All my love,

Coach Yulia

Dorothy Tiano Melvin

One tiny step. That’s all it takes. Shabbat shalom.

“It will be a pleasing aroma“ (Lev. 6:8). One of the excuses we tend to have that can hinder us from living a more spiritual life is the feeling that it’s all or nothing. We tell ourselves that if we can’t do everything, or if we can’t do a mitzvah perfectly, there is no point doing it at all. The Talmud negates this thought by teaching us that even the smallest step, if done with a pure heart, is “pleasing,“ and it goes further by telling us that even if we can’t do it with a pure heart, we should do it anyway. Even a non-perfect attempt leaves an eternal impression upon our souls. The Talmud teaches us that there used to be a student who would only come to the yeshiva to learn Torah once every three months, yet the Rabbis praised him for his efforts. Every little bit counts, and even if we may think it’s only a small mitzvah, in reality there is no such thing. In the eyes of the Eternal, it’s all pleasing.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Jawary


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