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It is a life long search to find your original self. Trust me that it is inside of you, and that is the purpose of our life, to unveil it and share it with the world. Then a beautiful energy exchange is possible. I always tell my Yoga students and Doula clients that I need them as much as they need me.

Which is the real you?

Coach Yulia


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This is too juicy not to repost.
Also, I recently had a “Girl Boss” moment where I was asked to work full time for someone, and my instant answer was “no.” I had surprised myself with how easy it was for me to actually say N-O, let alone declare what my goals are in regards to staying freelance. I used to have a hard time finding the words to say no, and my no answer had often come out vague and misconstrued for a possible yes. Now, there is no confusion. I know what I want and what I need to do (or not do) to get there.
Listening to Christine Day, CEO of Luvo & former CEO of LuluLemon, on Sophia Amoruso’s podcast
#GirlBoss Radio, and Christine’s advice really struck a cord withme. Her advice for female leaders is this:
“Claim your power. So often as women we have mastered being the servant leader, the supportive leader, but you can’t give away your power unless you’ve claimed your power. I think you have to stand for yourself and take on that smack-down moment with someone else. You have to learn to let other people be uncomfortable and to set direction and live with criticism, but also be powerful with your own purpose, your own cause, your own stand for who you are and how you do things. And, if you don’t claim that power, then you’re not really leading. You might be a caddy, but you’re not actually playing golf.”

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