Braced and Wired


Yesterday, first thing in the morning I got thrown off my bicycle. Thank God, everything is fine, however I am sore all over, especially in my left wrist.

I feel so grateful that my friend advised me that my wrist would get sore. She told me to take Arnica, two Advil, ice, and to come for some massage and a brace.  Luckily right after the wrist massage, I was called to support a client in labor and birth.

That’s the brace that you see above in the pictures, it’s almost 2 in the morning, I just parked at home after attending a beautiful birth.



To clarify: I do not have any wires, I do have a simple brace to support my wrist, I am just wired on life, that is all, happy wired, all is good!

Braced and Wired,

Coach Yulia


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