First my bike flipped me over

Bright and early was all good, getting kids and lunches ready, and then hopping on my bike to teach my first class down the street. On the way back, I have no idea what happened, I was in the air, luckily only my second toe really hurt, and I landed on my palms.

I had three more classes to teach, took arnica and ice,  and after my first class one of my students luckily gave me a quick massage from the best, Mollie, do yourself a favor, just go treat yourself with Mollie massage ladies.

My phone line was giving me trouble, Thank God all is good now.

Now I a little bit sore all over,

Day is not over,

Helping a friend in an office,

Shortly headed to get my kids,



One more Prenatal Yoga class,

Might squeeze in another quick Mollie Massage,

Epsom Salt Bath!

I kept my thoughts positive all day,

What was the lesson I needed to learn,

Grateful I am ok,

Coach Yulia

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