My thoughts on Stephen Hawking and finding your purpose in this life


Take the time to watch the video above. It is complex, deep, and wraps your mind around how meaning can be discovered by anybody, if they are open.

We all have our path, our talent, our gifts and skill.

What is yours?

Sometimes it keeps unfolding and building.

Before my observant life, I just trusted my gut and was completely open to where life would lead me.

I am so grateful for where I am today, and as an observant Jew, connect to my spiritual source, and know that everything comes directly from God. We are at the steering wheel, it is 100% up to us how we navigate, and breakdowns lead to breakthroughs.


Afshine Emrani
At the birth of a child, on a wedding night, or when escaping serious illness, we encounter God; during parenting, in marriage, in life, we are aware of God’s presence. In those breathtakingly moments, God rushes into our lives and even the casual believer becomes convinced, while in the humdrum of life, the struggles with a disobedient child, or the husband who leaves the toilet seat up, or while battling ongoing illness, God’s presence takes a backseat. Our challenge is to seek Light among darkness, to rise even as the burdens weigh us down, to see awe in the repetitious tapping of the woodpecker.  #Modehani 

Below is exactly how I feel about Stephen Hawking. I read that besides the Simpsons series, his voice was recorded on a Pink Floyd album. Maybe that is when he was influenced by Roger Waters as he spewed hate and misinformation.


Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia


Justin Amler
A lot has been said about Stephen Hawking’s death and I’ve read plenty of posts from people praising him and admonishing him.
From a scientific point of view, the man was reportedly quite brilliant and to overcome the kind of disabilities he had is awe-inspiring.
However, there is something else to add, because despite his intelligence, it doesn’t mean he was smart.
Why would I, a proud Jew, be sad for a man who willingly joined and supported an anti-semitic movement that wanted to deligitimize my Jewish homeland? Why would I stand up for and honour someone who wanted to deligitimize me, my history, my nation, my country and my people?
The BDS movement is not a movement of ideas, it’s a movement of pure hatred. Cold, calculating, deliberate and evil hatred. Stephen Hawkings was not a stupid man. While his body was damaged, his mind was completely intact so he knew what he was doing, and to throw your lot in with a movement like that shows a darkness in his own heart, darker than any black hole he would have discovered.
When someone attacks Israel and wants to deligitmize it and destroy it, I WILL take it personally, because I am a proud Jew and a part of the people of Israel. Stephen Hawkings attacked me and everything that I stand for – and I will never respect anyone who does that.
So while I don’t celebrate his death, I certainly won’t be mourning it either.

His greatest achievements was his ability to accomplish anything under his tremendous and life challenging disabilities and never give up. After that the truth is …………..

Stephen Hawking’s death is the loss of a great man, but a man with great flaws.

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