My Hummus is so good!


I am very blessed to have a husband who is a master of our kitchen. He could be a chef or a caterer, but chooses to do cooking as a pleasure. On our second date he made me a simple and delicious meal of chicken and Israeli salad, and I was hooked. I am easy to please, and I am grateful to have fresh, delicious food for myself and my kids.

We used to buy Hummus, but there really is nothing like the taste of homemade. After we got our blender, I found a great recipe. It is honestly getting better each time, and it is so easy.

My favorite spice is cumin, and I really think that is the ingredient that makes it so good. Always fresh squeezed lemon, and if you want it super garlicky that is up to you.

So excited.

I am so not domestic.

My kids love it.

My husband makes fresh Tahini and Baba Ganoosh, and many delicious salads. His meats are divine, and even when I make something, I ask him to spice it for me.


Coach Yulia

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