Louis Farrakhan and Putin blame Jews

Putin Slammed for Blaming Jews for Election Hacking



It is interesting to me that when any other group is attacked, mocked, and treated with disrespect, the world is aghast! Jews, not so much.

It is either everybody is equal or nobody is equal, and this is the truth for those that love Putin and Farrakhan. They spew hate, and know that nobody will bat an eye when they blame all the worlds problems on the Jews.

Maybe people think it is just ridiculous and ignore it. Putin blames the problems with the United States election on the Jews. Farrakhan just blames everything, it is just mind blowing to me that the organizers of the Women’s March are not called out by their supporters.

Paul Goldstein Sarsour and other anti-Zionists advocate an end to the Jewish homeland, an end to Jewish national rights, an end to autonomous dignity and freedom for the Jewish people, an end to the idea that Jews must be accorded all the same rights as other peoples, and an end to the idea that Jewish refugees from persecution should have a guaranteed land to take them in if no other nation will. Anti-Zionism is not only anti-Jews and anti-Israel – it is anti-humanity. It differs from Nazism as a matter of degree – in a large degree, but in degree nonetheless. Anti-Zionism declares that Jews do not have the same rights as other peoples, and therefore cannot be regarded as the equals of other peoples. That’s also found in Nazism. Anti-Zionism declares that Jews do not have an inherent right to live in freedom as a sovereign people, and do not have any right to a land of refuge. While that hate is not the same as Nazi hate, it is hate nonetheless.

It makes me sick!

Coach Yulia


Much ado has been made over antisemite Louis Farrakhan’s latest speech (essentially an unhinged, three-hour long rant about how……BLOGS.TIMESOFISRAEL.COM


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