Role of a Doula, even with Epidural and C section

Elliot Berlin
Doulas or anyone considering hiring a doula will learn a lot from my interview with DONA International president Ana Paula Markel who has trained over 1000 doulas (including Alyssa and I). Sponsored by Naturepedic.
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The above link is a beautiful explanation of everything Doula. From the origins of the name, to what is the exact role in labor and birth. One thing to try to understand is that labor and birth are unpredictable, and it really is out of our hands. What we can do is get informed, take classes, and come in with a conscious focus as we go on the journey of labor and birth.

If somebody could really figure out how to induce naturally that is 100% effective for every person, they should patent it, because it does not exist. Everybody is different, every mother, pregnancy, baby, labor and birth.

All you can do is know your options, choose what is best in the moment, and ultimately know that you have to let go and let God. Whatever place you go to pray, meditate, and trust. It is different for everybody, and my goal as a Doula is for the mother to feel like she was heard, and every decision was her own.

I recently was contacted by a girl that found me online, and she really wanted a VBAC with her second baby. Her doctor was pushing her to induce early, so I encouraged her to change to a doctor that would let her go to 42 weeks as long as she and baby were healthy. She was so happy to find the perfect doctor that took her at 39 weeks and had a successful VBAC. She trusted her gut, and her original doctor had the nerve to tell the mother that she put her in an uncomfortable position changing doctors. These really are just different points of view, so it is so important to align yourself with a support team that is on the same page as you.
I always say Thank God for C sections, because in modern times they are hygienic, skilled, and safe. There are a few reasons why a C section is absolutely necessary and the only way for a healthy baby and mother. One mother told me she had placenta previa, which can be seen on ultrasounds, the C section was her only option, and she is grateful. A good friend of mine had fibroid surgery previously and felt safer scheduling a C section after talking to her doctor. It was a blessing in disguise, after they delivered the baby, they noticed the placenta was stuck on the fibroid scar, without the C section they would not have knows why the placenta was not separating. I just had an experience where a doctor let the mother go to 42 weeks and 3 days, every induction failed to move the labor, Thank God her baby was never in distress. She knew she tried everything and was happy to meet her healthy baby after a calm C section.

I always tell mothers that an epidural is always there for you, but if you really are going for all natural, it is 100% possible with support and education. Also a Doula helps to process the birth afterwards.

In my personal experience when I found out a Doula was there just for me, there was no question. Also I could let go of control, because I knew she was in control.

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