From Andrew Lloyd Webber to Yo Yo Ma

Sunday morning I was driving bright and early to teach a Yoga class at a Shabbaton in Simi Valley.

A Shabbaton is where a group of Jewish people gather away from home and their routine to celebrate Shabbat together.

Simi Valley is on a good day 45 minutes away from the city, and it was a good day.

On my way there I was listening to the most fascinating interview on the radio with Andrew Lloyd Webber, all about his process of composing beautiful music. I cracked up when he describe one of his most famous shows, and said cats were Meshuguna!

Meshuguna is a Yiddish word for someone that is nuts.

You can listen and read all about it at this link:

After a wonderful day of riding bikes with my kids, and catching a children’s choir where a girl with a beautiful voice was accompanied by a young boy playing violin flawlessly. We finished our homework at the library, that we didn’t get to do last week because of Purim. In my book partying is as important as education.

Purim is a Jewish holiday where kids dress in costumes, enjoy face painting and shows. Adults are encouraged to have a hearty meal and drink alcoholic delights.

A friend of mine had last minute tickets for Yo Yo Ma, so I took my eldest who as of now has learned piano, guitar, and trombone. My mother who graduated from Moscow Conservatory said it is good for a musician to learn percussion, wind, and strings. So he told me that next year he wants to learn cello, which is my absolute favorite instrument.

We took a picture before the show at the Walt Disney Concert Hall,

Coach Yulia



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