Thank God for C sections and drugs as prevention, not only for emergencies

“In February, the World Health Organization released a set of 56 recommendations in a report called Intrapartum Care for a Positive Childbirth Experience. One key recommendation is to allow a slow labor to continue without trying to hurry the birth along with drugs or other medical interventions. The paper cites studies showing that a long, slow labor — when the mother and baby are doing well — is not necessarily dangerous.”


I always say Thank God for all of the options and resources to have the birth you want. On one hand we can plan, on the other hand there is no other way than to stay present and make sure there is clarification and understanding, and informed decisions are made. When you birth consciously and know all of your options, your consent and choice will make a big difference in how you feel about your experience, no matter what happens.

I love the article above, hospitals and doctors are really changing how they look at birth. They really do give you more time if the baby and mom look healthy on the monitors. That way each woman can know deep down that everything was on her terms, and she did everything possible to birth her way and keep herself and baby safe and healthy.

I just had a 36 hour birth, she was 42 weeks and 3 days, her pregnancy was perfect, who knows maybe they had her due date wrong, but her body was not ready, and the baby was happy inside. After trying absolutely everything, and her baby being so happy on the monitor, they decided to do a C section before it became an emergency. Calmly together with her husband they decided not to break the water, because her body never went into labor, even with the softening of the cervix, a balloon that mechanically opened her to 4cm, and 24 hours of pitocin!

A calm, beautiful experience as she breathed through every contraction with no epidural. The baby loved one corner at the top of the stomach and never moved. That was the way she was meant to come into this world.

The beauty of this story is that does not apply to future pregnancies, all of mine were so different. A VBAC, vaginal birth after C section is just a natural birth, and encouraged by doctors.

Below is an amazing example how a cardiologist helps his patients use medications effectively to live full quality lives.

Everything in life is a case by case scenario,


Coach Yulia

Dr. Afshine Emrani A drug rep asked me, “You have the largest individual practice in the area. How many patients do you have in the hospital?” I had to think about it. When I first started practice, I had one or two heart attack patients a week and 15-20 patients in the hospital. In the past 7-10 years, with aggressive management of cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure and other risk factors, I don’t even remember the last time I got a call for a heart attack. There are the patients who are non-compliant and get sick and admitted- but for most of my patients by keeping their BP< 120/80, LDL< 50 in high-risk patients, and HgA1c< 6, a moderate diet and exercise, they live well into their 90s+. So, the answer is- the only patient I have now in the hospital is a 15-year-old girl who was told she has a urine infection by her pediatrician and her mom brought her in for me to see her. I diagnosed her with appendicitis, she had surgery and is going home now. Zero! I don’t say this to show off, although I am proud of the medicine I practice, but to show gratitude for my field and all the scientists who have armed us practicing physicians with great drugs that keep patients healthy for decades.




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