“If you beat your wife, you lose your gun.”

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Opinion | If you beat your wife, you lose your gun. That’s how it should be.Will recent violence spur Maryland to finally pass a common-sense law? WASHINGTONPOST.COM
I am one of those people that always wants to hear both sides of every situation. I am not hard left or hard right, I am literally smack in the middle. I see the pros and cons of everything. The article above is fascinating because it correlates mass shootings with many times having backgrounds of domestic abuse.
In America everyone fights for equality, and has a chance to be heard. In many other countries the status quo is that it is a norm for women to be possessions, beaten, and have specific roles.
God Bless America,
Change is possible,
Communication is the norm.
You see progress and diversity.
Thank God!
Coach Yulia

Matt Snodgrass 
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Russia’s government today: a group that sees wife-beating as a Russian norm. How many of our representatives who praise Putin will stick to that view once he signs a new law decriminalising domestic abuse?
It fits with traditional values, lawmakers say



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