Purim is about over the top celebration and fun!


Purim 2018

I love a party, period. I look forward to Purim every year so I can bring my creative side out. My friends joined me last night at the best party in town. The costume, makeup and music kept my energy up as I was volunteering and serving drinks at the bar.

We took the kids out earlier to a magic show, and then it was my time to party.  Although I was exhausted from attending a 36 hour birth, I got a pick me up from the kids face painting crew. The make up you see in the picture for my Star Trek costume was intricately researched and designed. The experience immediately infused me with energy.

That is one of the main laws of Purim, to drink and eat your fill, and to get your party on with your friends, family, and community. We also give gifts to each other, and make packages for people in need.

Below is a fun, modern musical interpretation of the Purim story,

Chag Sameach,

Happy Purim!

Coach Yulia

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