What you see and what you do not see

I see the connections in everything, and I am in awe. Especially if you are working towards something, whether it is a career or something material, it will happen in the most interesting way.

As simple as an dresser that I was visualizing for my daughter, a beautiful armoire with a mirror. Last year I found something nice and antique, but it was a dark brown and small, but better than nothing. A few weeks ago I saw a gorgeous white armoire with a mirror for only $50 not too far away. I didn’t realize how big and heavy it was until my husband brought it home with his friend, who happened to have a large truck for an event just for that day! They barely got it down the stairs from the owners apartment, and luckily squeezed it into our place intact.


My daughter is was thrilled, nothing is by accident, there is no coincidence. Maybe it is knowing what you are looking for, being clear, and keeping your eyes open.

I see life unfolding, and love to see the connections. Today was a beautiful Shabbat in our synagogue with a Bar Mitzva. So much happiness, delicious food, and good wishes. All of the lessons had mentions of Purim and Passover that are coming up. Many people know Passover, but Purim is the happiest holiday on the Jewish calendar. We are counting down, we dress in costumes, eat sweet cookies in the shape of the ears of the enemy who tried to destroy the Jewish nation, and adults are encouraged to drink up and party.

Enjoy the lesson below of the unseen miracles in everyday life,

Coach Yulia

This Wednesday night and Thursday is Purim, the festival that celebrates the victory of the Jewish people in Persia in 356 BCE over Haman, the “Hitler of his time.” Rashi (1105) points out that the miracle of Purim is intricately connected to the miracles of Passover. The miracles of Passover were obvious for all to see, yet there seem to be no miracles associated with Purim; the events of the story seem to follow a “natural course.” The entire Megillat Esther (literally translated as revealing the hidden) never once mentions the Almighty; He seems to be hidden and to play no role in the story. The point is, no matter how bad we think the situation is, no matter how distant we feel from the Almighty, He is always there guiding us and our destiny. A spiritual person is able to see the holy in the mundane, the miracles in nature, and the hand of G-d in history. Even when the A-mighty seems to be hiding, such a person knows that He is there. If we see all of life as a miracle, our eyes will be open to see how lucky we truly are and that everything is a gift from the A-mighty. What we do with our blessings is our gift to the Almighty.–Shabbat Shalom! Rabbi Jawary

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