Waiting for 42 Weeks

There is a “37-day variation” when they tell you your due date! It could be a healthy baby three weeks before or two weeks after, that is 5 weeks, the due date means nothing.


My role as a doula takes on many forms. Many times when I am at an interview and I am asked what I will do, I honestly say I have no idea. Of course there is birth education, tools, breath and movement, but beyond that we can only stay present and do what feels right in the moment.

Thank God birth is getting further and further away from the medical model. Did you know that in the 1970’s in America, the medical community thought it was safe and hygienic to knock the mother out on morphine, cut and take the baby out. The mother did not know what happened, and bonding with the baby suffered. Today we have every choice possible, it really is amazing how many options there are, except for one thing.

Everybody mostly agrees that until 42 weeks is safe, and then after 42 weeks its better to get it moving. I have a friend who always goes to 42 weeks, and so did her mother, so that is her norm. There is not one way, there is no perfect way, we all just have to figure out our way. The crazy thing is that sometimes it is different for each pregnancy and baby with the same mom!

What I find frustrating is that doctor’s love scheduling, so they want to do what is convenient for them, but horribly against the ways of natural birth. My friend even with being induced, did not need the epidural. I always honor and respect the wishes of the mother, but if it is a natural birth she wants, I will do everything in my power to create an environment where she feels comfortable to express and feel what is right for her in the moment.



Enjoying the feeling of the miracle of the unknown,

Coach Yulia

My client feels amazing, fluid looks good, baby sounds good, mom is good, she is not angry, and happy to have choices, the due date is an estimate, tell everyone your due month so they stop bothering you!

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