My doctor told me my back was good, and it stopped hurting

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Three months ago, from living non stop and doing what I love, my body decided I needed a break. Unfortunately my back went out, and that was not the kind of break I would have preferred. Thank God since then I have been doing everything possible to heal, tons of research, asking everyone I know what worked for them, and focusing on balance and self care.

I am feeling mostly like myself again, the pain is gone, but my body just feels like it is still getting back to before my back went out. I had a routine checkup with a new doctor, and he asked me about my pain level, and said that whatever I was doing was exactly what I should be doing. I did not need any physical therapy, just the massages, body work, chiropractic, acupuncture, and epsom salt baths that I have been rotating.

When I heard the news that I was doing all the right stuff, my back did not ache as much as it used to. It is as if the doctor validated that nothing was wrong, and I had nothing severe and no symptoms that would cause him to want to help me with therapy or medications.

It is hard to believe how much better I feel with that knowledge,

I am healing and feeling good,

Watch what runs through your mind,

It affects us emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually,

Coach Yulia

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