Join me next Saturday night as I blend my worlds of Judaism, Yoga, and Performance Art

Laurie Shapiro


Radiant Space

1444 North Sierra Bonita Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90046

CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS: https://www.facebook.com/events/153164188717247/

Radiant Space is excited to host an after-shabbat celebration inside of Laurie Shapiro‘s psychedelic walk-in installation “Before You Were Born.”

This culturally enriching event will feature traditional Jewish celebrations with cuisine and music inside of this artistic experience.

The event will be led by Yulia. This is a ceremony that is done every Friday night in the Jewish community. To honor this tradition, Yulia’s children will be leading the prayers.

Although a Jewish ceremony, we hope people from all backgrounds feel encouraged to join in this celebration of connection.

Please RSVP by emailing rsvp@radiantspaceLA.com with “Shabbat” as the subject line. Space is limited.


The space is pure magic, and I feel blessed to bring in the energy of Shabbat, as well as enjoying the transition back into the pulse of life all around us.


Spread the word,

Coach Yulia

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  1. You go girl….Wish to be there. I am sure the edelshtain family will represnt well..
    I am proud of you and love you to the moom and back…

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