I finally found my prescription sunglasses in my underwear drawer!

I finally found my prescription sunglasses in my underwear drawer! I am the best detective in the world, I am good at retracing my steps, and 99.9% of the time I find everything. My prescription sunglasses were a mystery, I had lost them for a week, and I was miserable in our 80 degree sunny Los Angeles, sorry rest of the world.

So I kept on thinking back to last Tuesday when I rode my bike to pick up my kids and their friends. Every week we have a day to carpool the kids from public school to Jewish school, it is really close. Instead of driving I ride my bike there, walk them, and then ride my bike home. I distinctly remember getting home, and I know the glasses were put somewhere in the house.


I am miserable, yes I have another pair of glasses, with a sunglasses flip cover, but it is not the same. I do not wear my glasses all the time, but I need them to drive and especially the sunglasses are a must in sunny California (sorry again).

So I am always looking for something, and I was going through my underwear drawer, and there they were. Probably after I rode my bike home, I went to my room to take a nap, put them on my dresser and they fell in.


Life is good,

It’s the little things that make our day,


Not Beverly Hills,

Baruch Hashem,

Coach Yulia

A little crass, but hilarious and true, healthy bowel movements are essential!


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