I learned something new about myself from Daniel Cohen, amazing bodywork

Two months ago my back went out. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. Thank God I feel much better, but my body as a whole is not the same. It was finally time for me to see Dan, who I have heard about for years. Before today I honestly felt great, enjoyed massages and adjustments close to me in the city. I was actually happy to have a reason to go see him, because I needed his skill, talent, and energy.


I learned that I have flexible joints, which is genetic, so when I do Yoga, from the outside it looks amazing. Inside my muscles do not receive the full stretch, so my back is tight and literally immobile where I hurt myself in the lower lumbar. In one session, I feel like I am rearranged in a good way, that is what bodywork does. It is going to be a process, and I am going to listen for when my body tells me that it is time for Dan.

I had to rush home from the Valley, which luckily was a 30 minute drive in the afternoon. Pick up my littlest from a musical rehearsal after school and take him to Jewish after school. Run home to have lunch, and then go take my oldest to the doctor just to make sure he had a simple cold and nothing worse, good news, I was right.

We ended up all getting home at the same time and realized one of the kids forgot their backpack at the Jewish school, and there was no way were were getting it the next day. It was homework night, and the only night I had to make sure they got most of it done. So I hopped on my bike, easier than traffic and parking, got the bag, and rode home. Saw a pharmacy on the way, picked up some more congestion medicine for my son and a few other things that I needed. Back on the bike, it was a little chilly, so I knew I was going to jump into an epsom salt bath as soon as I got home. First to get warm, and second not to ruin the amazing way I felt from my bodywork session.

Got home, got my oldest to help my youngest with his homework. My daughter was doing her homework. Got in the bath, realized I had to deal with one more order of business before 6pm. Called my daughter to give me my phone it was 5:48pm, done and done.

Luckily I did have a few quiet relaxing minutes in the bath.

Two more classes to teach tonight,

Bedtime is my husband’s job tonight,

Counting down to my own bedtime,

Dan’s information below,

Coach Yulia

Daniel Cohen, CMT

Daniel Cohen, CMT

Holistic Health Care – Studio City

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Daniel Cohen, CMT practices as a Holistic Care in Studio City, CA.
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Holistic Care

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ServicesHolistic Health Care – Studio City offers Holistic Care in Studio City, CA. Holistic Care is total patient care: physical, emotional and spiritual. Holistic care includes acupuncture, herbal medicine and shiatsu.

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