Things I feel uncomfortable sharing

I love balance, and I want to hear every side, and really listen to each story.  I posted a video about Natalie Portman speaking at a women’s march about her experience as a thirteen year old actress, and how she felt she couldn’t be herself.

One of the responses pointed out how in observant Judaism there is a way of modesty and dress. Unfortunately the culture of abuse of power, the norms of our society, and a woman to constantly have to be on guard is the real challenge, not how she dresses or presents herself. This was my answer in response:

I respect and understand your response, but as a Jewish woman who grew up secular, and felt very comfortable with who I was, and dressing how I wanted, her words go beyond observant Judaism and modesty. She is talking about that as a 13 year old people felt comfortable sending her suggestive fantasies, that is what the me too movement is about, changing the culture, changing what is the norm, even modest Jewish girls unfortunately get inappropriately fantasized, approached, and abused.

I am uncomfortable sharing my feelings, because it is very personal, and also what I am about to share below not everyone may like, but I feel it is important to see all sides.

I do not like extremes, and the next two topics address issues that most people are fully on one side or the other. I feel that all I can do is keep on listening and presenting both sides. In the State of the Union, Trump had two reactions, people that completely agreed, or fully disagreed. What I find the most powerful is how now I am hearing all voices speaking loud and proud, and fighting for and with each other. I saw this article today, and I am happy to see something positive coming from this administration, besides recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

The six tribes — Monacan, Chickahominy, Eastern Chickahominy, Nansemond and Upper Mattaponi — have sought federal recognition for about 20 years.


Finally a topic very close to my heart, and it even hurts me to post this, but the message is very important. Nas Daily is a Palestinian young man that is traveling the world, and posting a video every day about humanity and possibility. The video I watched today was very hard to look at because it showed an extreme, which I can understand why they feel this way, but especially living in America, putting all people in one box is dangerous. Even the women’s march did not represent me as a woman, and for many reasons I did not go to the first one or the second one.
Jews vs. Arabs.
This took me a while to share. But here it is….in a 4 minute heart-felt video.

It’s about an experience I had two weeks ago in Jerusalem.
That experience made me realize….
these videos I make, they’re not fun anymore. They’re necessary. I need to find a way to get to these people’s newsfeed. It’s war.

And we need to get more Jewish content in front of Arab Facebook newsfeed. It’s just as necessary.

For my fellow Jews,
I share this with love,
Any extreme hurts the process,
My love for Israel is strong,
With voices like Nas Daily,
We all can move towards peace,
Shabbat Shalom,
Coach Yulia

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