Today is the birthday of trees!

David Leiner added 7 new photos. Los Angeles ·Woke up this morning to film the Blue Moon / Blood Red Moon / Super Moon Lunar Eclipse over Los Angeles on Tu B Shevat 5778, 01/31/18
Image may contain: sky, night and outdoor
Image may contain: sky, tree, night and outdoor
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Image may contain: night and sky
So beautiful this Tu B Shvat, the birthday of trees,
“Tu B’Shvat, known as the New Year of the Trees, is the first stage of this process. It occurs on the 15th of the Jewish month of Shvat, 30 days prior to Purim and 60 days prior to Passover. Each of these holidays occur when the moon waxes full, symbolizing a maximum capacity for growth.
Tu B’Shvat celebrates the genesis of potential. On the day following Tu B’Shvat, to our external eye, a tree looks exactly as it had the previous day, oblivious to the fact that its sap has already begun developing within.1 Likewise, our inner dimension, our soul, looks hidden if observed through the lens of physicality; externally, it is difficult to detect the tremendous holiness buried within a person when we find ourselves continuously distracted by the transgressions we believe him or her to be involved in.”
The tradition is to plant a tree and try a new fruit!
Happy Birthday Trees!
Coach Yulia

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