My worlds just collided

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Last week I was on a lunch date and happened to ask the girl sitting next to me if her coffee was delicious. From that moment we were connected, and I am so excited to now collaborate with this unique and beautiful artist, Laurie Shapiro,

We started talking and found out were were Jewish sisters, and she told me that she really wanted to do Shabbat in her installation. Today I met the two other magnificent ladies who run Radiant Space, and we are on for Saturday, February 17, 2018. It will be in the evening after Shabbat ends, so it will be a glimpse into the beginning and the end with Havdala and music. I will keep everyone posted as I get more details and event info.

Besides Yoga, my background is a little bit of everything, from working on cruise ships to performing on stage. I miss the creative side, especially the costumes and dress up. I get so inspired by creative minds, and am so excited to collaborate. Since I got married, I have been busy with having babies, which opened my eyes to Prenatal Yoga and Doula work. Everything is a blessing, excited to jump into creative expression again!

Come celebrate with us!

Coach Yulia

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