I did Yoga for the first time


Last week I did Yoga for the first time in two months! Before my back got hurt, I was already not doing Yoga as regularly as I would want because in a good way I was busy with work. On the other hand, I think that is what contributed to my back getting hurt because I didn’t do anything specifically to hurt myself, but my body was just done. From all good stuff I might add, which makes me think of one of my favorite sayings.

“If you don’t make time for rest and recreation, you will eventually have to make time for illness.”

Even if you are doing what you love, our body needs balance and literally cannot function properly or forever without it. Although I teach Yoga daily, I mostly demonstrate and focus on the class. When you are doing Yoga for yourself, it is so important to shut out everyone and everything, and give yourself your undivided attention. Any other way takes away from the practice, makes it at the least ineffective, and worse case scenario leads to injury.

I am so grateful that I feel like I am back to 100% healed, but now caring for the rest of my body that was ignored is my top priority. Everything else needs love, alignment, care, epsom salt baths, massages, adjustments, and YOGA!


Coach Yulia


I finally feel like myself again, enjoyed getting all dolled up for Friday night Shabbat dinner, had my daughter take the picture right before we lit candles

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