My kids did not wake me up this morning

Last night I got home super late from a wonderful day of Yogaing and Doula support meetings. I probably went to bed at 11:30pm, which nowadays is pretty late for me, considering my kids wake up no fail 6am or earlier every morning. Most of the time, 10pm or latest 10:30pm I am so ready to get a good nights sleep.

I must have been exhausted and sleeping super deep, because when I opened my eyes it was 7am! In our house that is late, with three kids to feed, bathe, dress, and make their lunches. My husband wakes up super early and goes to synagogue every morning, and usually comes back right after 7am. Two of my kids were up and quietly reading on the couch, the littlest was still asleep. They told me they didn’t want to disturb me, which was so sweet.  Usually they climb into bed with me and we cuddle, they are 9,7, and 5, and morning time is cuddling time.

I must have really been completely out if they took a look and felt that they should not wake me up.


Thank God we were able to get everyone fed and ready, we enjoy a sit down breakfast every morning because they are such early risers.

Now I am still in my sleep high, and luckily a pretty light day of work.

My back is 100% better now the rest of my body is screaming at me. It has been two months and I am finally going back to my regular Yoga routine and my one of a kind, 85 year old teacher, Raghavan.


Coach Yulia



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