Today just living life

CA024EAF-AA61-4148-855C-4050FD87361AThere are so many things going on in the world that I want to express and share.  Today I was just living life, now it’s after 10 PM, and I’m ready to jump in bed.

Monday my day starts early with getting kids ready for school, then I ride my bicycle to my first class at 7:40 AM. It was chilly today for us California folk, 49 degrees!

Ride home to my 9 AM class, then have a little break before my noon class.

In between dealing with motherhood, shuttling kids from one school to another.

Homework, dinner, and I run out to a prenatal class and finish off with moms who have finally put their kids to bed and are ready for self-care.

Tomorrow is another nonstop day doing the work that I love.

Present for myself,

Present for my family,

Present in my energy exchange while I work,

Now ready to do my favorite thing in the world,


Coach Yulia

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