Be open to wisdom from everyone around you

Give yourself an hour.

I love creativity, beauty, unique personalities, and people that are 100% themselves. Besides all this, RuPaul shares some truths that are for all walks of life. For every individual, no matter the background, nationality, or spiritual path.

I will share some of my favorites below, such an inspiring way to start the week!

Coach Yulia

“Negativity is lazy

We are all spiritual beings

Addicted to being anxious

Be kind, when you diss people,you end up feeling dissed

Pass everybody’s idea of what you should be and carve out a new path

How amazing it is to have a human body

Teaching kids of an inside job of how you behave

Addiction to being late

Choosing to be engaged choosing not to succumb to the darkness

To do something amazing you have to spend time alone

introvert masquerading as an extrovert

Your purpose is to be and experience life.

I pay attention to everything, but I’m focusing on the joy”


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