Almost every day on, one day off

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I was teaching a Yoga class to a large family yesterday, and the oldest girl was asking which are the most important poses. My answer every time is that it depends on each person, and that we are a whole, all the poses need each other, which feels like a wonderful full body massage. Also when I was explaining that it is important to turn off, she was thinking that it is also important to be accomplishing things. Both are important, we need a balance, and we need to balance everything in our lives.

I am a problem solver, so sometimes not the best listener, because my brain automatically wants to figure everything out. I really do believe that EVERYTHING is figureoutable. That is how I function in this world, and that is how I stay sane. There is one day where I leave all the figuring out alone, and completely turn off.

Every week.

Thank God for Shabbat!

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia


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