Stories inspiring me today

If you have some time to listen and absorb, the words are so powerful. About building a foundation, knowing you are doing what you are meant to do, and not changing anything when others want you to.


This young girl has a gift of art, and her family allows and assists her to thrive, as she is the breadwinner. She only studies and does what interests her, and has had no mentors, it is all from within her.

From a cardiologist about his 92 year old patient’s wise words on loneliness:

Afshine Emrani
My 92 year-old-patient: “You don’t know how lonely you are until you just crave the human voice. There are days I sit in my bed and stare at the ceiling wondering what my purpose is in life. What good am I? I’ve lost my parents, my sisters, my brothers, my aunts, and uncles. My children are busy in other states with their own work. I wish I could argue with someone who cared about my opinion. I wish I could agree on something- on the taste of mint ice cream or on Sinatra. When I was younger, I used to think that as long as I received letters in my mailbox I mattered, that I was alive. Now, I can go weeks without a call, no one to talk to, no mail. When I was young I would get mad at people that disagreed with me. Today, I wish they were in my life so I could tell them we live in that place of human interaction. If a tree falls in a forest with no one around, does it make a sound? That’s me. Do I exist? This body is old and tired but my brain is intact and it makes the pain of loneliness so much more. It’s like life is cutting me without anesthesia… and no one hears me scream.” The biggest problem in my practice is not medical but loneliness, among the young as well as the old, those who have someone and those who have no one. You have no idea how much you can affect another soul just by listening. Take a moment out of your busy day and pay attention to someone who needs you- a parent, a friend, someone unknown. No judgment. Just offer yourself, your ears, your eyes. The first time God says “not good” in the Bible, it relates to loneliness. That is why other human beings were then created.

All we can do is be present to our blessings,

We all have stuff,

So inspired by the words below,

Coach Yulia

Kate Noonan
As I am sitting here close to midnight trying to finish some annoying paperwork crap left over from adoption AND divorce (Yes still dealing with some loose ends) I start having a pity party about how I worked until 8:30 tonight and had to do the RJ shuffle all day because preschool is closed due to holiday but mom still needs to go to work. . . This is just how life is now. . .You scramble. . .You get off work but still need to work. . . blah blah blah.
I take a break because a friend wants some feedback on a trailer to a Documentary he’s making about a pretty heavy subject matter. After I watch it, I just start thinking of all the crazy things going on around us today: People are dying from drugs, mudslides just took out Santa Barbra, continuous sexual abuse allegations, the president of the USA is a raciest and half the country doesn’t even care, AND IM THINKING THIS IS NUTS!
I look down at my dogs sweet face and i take a moment. . . THANK GOD im only dealing with annoying paperwork. THANK GOD I got out of a bad situation by getting divorced. THANK GOD I got RJ out of a bad situation and he’s now safe with me. THANK GOD this man is our president so all the darkness can come to light and we now can realize the equality standards we set before were just not high enough. THANK GOD I have a steady job with benefits and a powerful female boss who provides inspiration instead of mansplaining, manipulation, flirtations, or sexual advances. THANK GOD THIS IS MY LIFE. Its just paperwork. The hard part is over. And Im a fucking machine. So bring it.
We are ALL resilient. Whatever you’re going through now just know someday it will be behind you and all there will be left is paperwork. 💪💪


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