What a week!

First of all, google censors and deletes content, after all it is a business. From an engineer that was fired, be careful what you watch, trust, and believe.

Oprah! What I love about the video below is that he applauds Oprah for what she has accomplished and who she is, but instead of me too, it would have been amazing to see her taking responsibility, and saying, we knew.

Finally, all the craziness of Trumps tweets, I love the point of view of Fred Maroun, who has no idea how he became president, but supports some of his foreign policy, going where no other president has gone before.

Fred Maroun
What Trump said about Haiti and Africa isn’t worthy of a president, but I find the reaction to it quite hypocritical. World leaders and world media tell lies about Israel every day and there is never any uproar.
Now is a difficult time for us progressive Zionists. Seeing the least progressive leader in the Western world being the only leader who isn’t an appeaser creates a contradiction that we have to deal with.
I think that we should take advice from David Ben-Gurion who said in 1939, “We must assist the British in the war as if there were no White Paper and we must resist the White Paper as if there were no war.”
Likewise, Americans who are progressive Zionists should unequivocally assist Trump in support of Israel as if he wasn’t the regressive leader that he is, and they should resist Trump’s domestic policies as if there was no Israel-Arab conflict.
Advice to people who are constantly horrified at what Trump says:
– Keep things in perspective.
– Concentrate on what he does rather than what he says, and don’t judge what he does based on his unprepared off-the-cuff comments.
– He’s a showman with a spoiled lifestyle. What do you expect? Seriously.
– If you’re American, spend your energy helping your party prepare good candidates for the upcoming elections.
– If you’re not American, spend your energy encouraging your own government to be more pro-Israel, and tell them, “you’re seriously gonna let Trump beat you at this?”.
Trust me, I know. I learned the hard way. I am a recovering TDS patient (Trump Disorder Syndrome).


Excited to turn it all off,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia




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