All I want is to earn a living being myself

When I teach Yoga, one of the words I use most often is effortless. It should just feel right, no pushing, and just focusing on feeling good. There is no competition, comparison, or perfection. Each person strives to find what feels good in that moment, and it will be different every time. I enjoy creating an environment where people feel free to express themselves fully, and be present. Of course not everything in life can be like this 100% of the time, but for my personality, in my work life that is exactly what I want and need.

There are many skills, talents, industries and everyone has their own calling. I admire all the different avenues each person takes to achieve their goals and greatness. However I firmly believe that it is different for everybody, and to really trust what is the right fit for you.

I want to make effortless money being myself, and Thank God I have been able to do just that. It really is not for everybody, but I can only do what is from my gut, heart, and soul. Some people love to have prestigious careers, climb the corporate ladder, or even build their own business and keep reaching for goals.

It feels so good that I found a channel for my energy through Yoga and my Doula work. The best part is that if I am not the right fit, that is the best news in the world to me, because everyone should trust and search for the right fit in everything.

This is my brain flow for today,

Thank you for letting me share,

Whether this makes sense or not is ok as well,

I just feel so blessed to be doing exactly what utilizes my gifts, talents, and skills,

Coach Yulia


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