We were in Atlanta, Georgia for two weeks with the most gorgeous sunshine, but really had to bundle up with temperatures in the 30’s and below. I was there a few years ago where there was a light snow, made the hilly roads icy, so it was really scary to drive, and some people could not make it out of their uphill driveways, they would slide down on the ice.

I have heard that if you have the right clothes, then you can handle any weather. So we just flew back to Los Angeles yesterday, which has had unseasonably hot weather in the 70’s, and this morning it started raining. Luckily we have all our warm clothes and jackets ready, and it makes me laugh that besides the cold, our weather in Atlanta was perfect.

The picture above is so hilarious, because in Atlanta, that is almost exactly how I was sleeping. I am usually cold, and always wear socks, but I had to take them off and stick my foot out to cool off.

I am sure all of our winter experiences are completely different. Last year it was non stop rain in Los Angeles, which is usually rare. After all the fires and dry summer and fall, we are all happy to have just a little rain, but not too much.

Happy Wintering,

Coach Yulia

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