Teaching my boys to move through obstacles and keep the eye on the prize

Found $10 Clippers tickets last week, first live game for all of us!

GAME STARTS AT 7:30pm, usually a 15 minute drive to the metro station.

6:15pm – We leave the house, rain seriously disables the average Los Angeles driver, tons of slow traffic, one of the boys need the bathroom

6:42pm  – Arrive, just missed a train, need to pay for parking, but need to get a TAP card first to ride the metro

6:46pm – Put in a $20 for the fair and the card, get only dollar coins for change

6:50pm – The parking machine does not take coins, luckily there is a garage attendant that miraculously has exactly three dollar bills that I exchange for my coins

6:55pm – As we pay, we miss another train

7pm – It’s rainy and windy for the first time since last winter, luckily we don’t wait too long, as we sit, my boy still has to pee, we have maybe a 20 minute ride

7:30pm – FINALLY arrived at our station after multiple red lights, yes it’s a street train, and our final stop took forever because 3 trains had to wait to get through one track!

7:35pm – We walk one block to the Staples Center, wait FOREVER at the red light to cross the street with a large group of people, and finally my genius oldest boy realizes nobody pushed the button! It changes, we cross

7:40pm – We are almost in, and we have vouchers not tickets, we have to go back outside all the way around to the box office. More lines, get our tickets, one last line, we’re in!

7:45pm – WE ALL HAVE TO PEE!

7:47pm – Our seats on the other side of the stadium

7:50pm in our seats!


HIGHLIGHT: Israeli Dance and Music at Half Time Show!

Coach Yulia



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