I am so grateful for teachers, mentors, and all the communities that have activities that focus on children, God Bless You! Public schools in Los Angeles make the parents responsible for all of this during winter break for three weeks! It is so hard, especially if the goal to have as little devices as possible, along with scheduling around work.

Yes there are many winter camps, which I think are pricey for one kid, but I have three! Luckily the first week has been filled with Chanukah events, and we have had a blast. I decided to enjoy the next two weeks visiting my family. By enjoy I mean the kids play with their cousins, and I relax and sleep alot, not interested in sightseeing in cold weather.

I just found out about a winter camp for our Jewish community, that may have kids off for break that sounds amazing, and the price can’t be beat. Check out the flyer above, we will be away, but I would have definitely sent them if we were in town.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays everyone,

I’m counting down to be a girl, daughter, and sister again,

Coach Yulia

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