Arab, Muslim, and African-American voices standing with Jews this Chanukah

‘I will NOT be proceeding with my application to your prestigious school. The impetus for my decision is the recent choice by The New School to host Linda Sarsour as a member on a panel discussion on the topic of antisemitism. In case you were not aware, Linda Sarsour has applauded convicted Palestinian terrorists and murderers like Rasmeah Odeh, and has proclaimed that “nothing is creepier than Zionism” and that “Zionists could not be true feminists.”,

The above letter is by a Jewish girl that is in the fashion industry that refuses to go to one of the most prestigious schools because of their ignorance in asking Linda Sarsour to be on a panel about Antisemitism.

Besides Jewish voices, I am so happy to see Arab, Muslim, and African-American voices against Antisemitism.

In a world where people are loving being part of a group and finding power in a group, it is important not to lose your individuality. Also to make sure you are not letting go of causes that are important to you, just to be part of a group.

Use your voice loud and proud,
Stand up for yourself and for others,
Chag Sameach,
Happy Chanukah,
Shabbat Shalom
Coach Yulia 

Fred Maroun
 – Arab Voice
“I cannot support this pro-Palestinian position because it could result in riots all over the world”
While the world is busy condemning Trump for saying the truth, no one even noticed Abbas’ hateful speech, except Jews, even JStreet this time.
Dovish Israel lobbying group calls remarks by Palestinian leader at Istanbul summit “divisive and inflammatory,” says PA still needs Washington to help broker peace

 I will make a concession I will lay off her if she does the following

1. Apologize to Ayaan Hirsi Ali

2. Say the following statement “Ahmadiyya Muslims (or Ahmadis) are Muslim and they don’t deserve to be persecuted and killed for their beliefs.”

3. Acknowlege the terrorism of Hamas, Fatah, & the Indifference/corruption of the PLO/PA & other Arab nations have done more damage Palestinians than Israel has.

& lastly

4. Stop her attacks on Zionists who identify as feminists or vice versa



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