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Afshine Emrani
When my favorite Democrat speaks, I listen. Long live #Jerusalem the eternal, undivided capital of our beloved Jewish State, Israel.
Alan Silver
Before I leave the store to go home, I have just one question to ask.
Since when does ANY country in the world have ANY right to dictate to America or ANY other world power, how to conduct their foreign policies?
What is going on at the moment with the American decision to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, has had me baffled. Why has America, up to now, allowed the Arab countries to dictate to America, as to how to conduct themselves in their foreign relations with other countries.
President Trump has to make a final stand and show all the people of the world, that they cannot be dictated to and pushed around with threats. He should now use this opportunity to prove the point by not listening to their threats and being told to tow the politically correct agendas that have mythically been created in the minds of these bad people of the world and encouraged by weak leaders and leaderships for the last 20 years (at least).
I think that once this decision is made and carried out, the world will start a process that will bring about a new and better world for all.
Terrorists and rouge regimes will not be able to dictate to the decent living countries in the world. They may kick their feet in the beginning and even riot, but as soon as their money supplies are cut off completely, I think things will change and I believe the change will be fast.
Who are these people that want to dictate their agenda to the western countries? They are, if you look at it closely, are the bad people that have tried to run the world, not according to descent lining peoples standards, and want to impose imperialist ideas to rule and ruin these people. And they are the most unfortunate and downtrodden people of all.
It will take a very brave decision by President Trump to stand up against most of the leading Western governments, Saudi Arabia, and other influential Arab countries, and other leading industrial countries, and do the right thing for the Jewish people. The forgotten people of the world will feel a lot more confidence if the right thing is done, and minorities in the world that are among the most helpless people around, will feel that they can finally rely on someone to watch their backs’ and give them hope that there is still a chance that they will not become forgotten people, even if it is politically incorrect.
I really believe that decision, moving the embassy and recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, is not only about Israel and us Jews, but will have very positive consequences in the world in the future.
I really pray that President Trump does the right thing.


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Do you know the history of Jerusalem?

In 1969 Stanley Goldfoot Wrote An Open Letter To The World From 🧡Jerusalem🧡

There Was No New York, London Or Paris Before 🧡Jerusalem🧡



Fred Maroun
The Palestinians say that the US is no longer neutral in the conflict.
Woah, woah, woah! Stop here for a sec!
Are you telling me that in a conflict where one side constantly uses terrorism and has rejected many attempts to reach peace, a conflict where the other side has relentlessly pursued peace from the start, the US was neutral until now?
That’s news to me.
In fact only an idiot or a hypocrite would claim that the US or any sane person has been neutral. Bill Clinton bluntly blamed the Palestinians for the failure of the peace negotiations that he led. Was that not clear enough for Fatah?
Trump did nothing other than recognize reality. But recognizing reality is not a skill that Palestinian leaders have developed. So they can shove their anger and their “days of rage”. Doesn’t impress me. In fact the US should have done much more much earlier. That’s what I think!

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Noor Dahri🇵🇸 Hamas to declare new Intifada (Uprising) tomorrow (after Friday prayers) against the state of Israel.
💥From tomorrow, Hamas and PA will be responsible for every single Palestinian blood shed in the uprising.🏮You are calling people to violence which is a Fitnah (Mischief). 🔥 You are sending your people in to fire so send your children first not ordinarily people.
🇮🇱 If you kill any single Israeli for your political violence then be ready for the reaction.
🌑 Enough is Enough 🌑


Hamas, Fatah, Abbas, Linda Sarsour, and the Hadid Family are unhappy.

Now that the United States followed through on declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, we can all move forward.

Doing  the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Again a call for violence, really? There was violence before, during, and after, did it solve anything?

Israel keeps Jerusalem and all of the holy sites safe,

Praying for safety in Israel and all over the world,

Shabbat Shalom

Coach Yulia



Afshine Emrani
Israeli media is reporting that several countries have advised Israel’s foreign ministry that they, too, intend to move their embassies to Jerusalem in light of today’s announcement by President Trump!


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