You can LOOK but you can’t TOUCH

The video above just cracks me up. Just like men, I can appreciate a nice looking woman as well as a man that is easy on the eye. I feel blessed to be 100% happy with myself, and grateful for finding my other half, and it is OK by me if he notices someone beautiful.

What I cannot tolerate is what is happening in the world today, and how people are still trying to sweep things under the rug. Women, children, men are off limits, it is never OK to abuse, molest, trick, force, blackmail or threaten anyone.

Here is a man’s point of view which is so powerful, goes hand in hand with bullying.

Pop Chassid
This is probably the longest it took me to put out a piece. I meditated on it for over two weeks, and added an entire section to it before I felt comfortable putting it out.
Why? This is a sensitive topic: how creating a culture where abuse is tolerated by the powerful also hurts men. There is a fine line between making that statement and quieting the voices of women who have spoken up so bravely over the last few weeks. I hope that I respected that, and I hope that this will add to the story.
Either way, this reckoning cannot stop, it cannot quiet, it cannot lose its momentum. We are only beginning to dig up the dangers of the world, and how until all are free, none are free. Our eyes are opening, but they’re still shut.
May we join together in opening them.

A close friend of mine was recently harassed by a big figure in our community. I am by her side with her lawyer, we have contacted Jewish Community Watch, he is going down.


Coach Yulia


Haize Hawke

And this
The voices that launched the movement against sexual harassment

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