Self Care is Top Priority

It is different for everybody. What is your happy place? Mine is massage and sleep above everything else. Some people need to talk, others run, and many have a relationship with food. Figure yourself out, keep on figuring yourself out, if you do not put yourself first, who else will do it for you?

I am on self care overdrive since my back told me I was overdoing the good. Yes the good, there was nothing bad, it was all wonderful, life, kids, work flow, but my body firmly said stop. I have slowed down and made self care my top priority. It has always been a priority, but now it is the top priority. The body doesn’t bounce back as it used to, but Thank God because I am strong, fit, healthy in body and mind, it is happy to heal.

Know what feels good,

So you know when something does not feel right.

How do you do you?

Coach Yulia

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