The New Royal Represents All Of Us

About the only exciting, positive, and good news out there is about the new royal engagement. What I love the most is that she is beautiful inside and out, genuine, and really was always encouraged to be 100% herself. I like how she says she never fit into any boxes, because she is a mix. Many of us are mixes, and I really relate, the Russian Jewish me with Mizrachi roots never fit into any ethnic boxes.

What is Mizrachi you ask?

My father was born near Turkey and Iran in Grozny, Chechnya when it was a part of the Soviet Union. Our ancestors go back the the outskirts of the Persian empire. So usually there are European Ashkenazi Jews, Sephardic Jews from Spain, and Mizrachi Jews from the Middle East. There are many, many more as well, Ethiopia, India, China, I could go on and on, Throughout history different empires have displaced Jews out of Israel and all over the world.

Mizrahi Jews
Total population
3.5 million
Regions with significant populations
Middle East  [citation needed]
 Israel 3,200,000
 Iran 8,756 (2012)[1]
 Egypt 200 (2008)[2]
 Yemen 50 (2016)[3]
 Iraq 8 in Baghdad (2008)[4]
400–730 families in Iraqi Kurdistan (2015)[5]
 Syria >20 (2015)[6]
 Lebanon <100 (2012)[7]
 Bahrain 37 (2010)[8]
Central and South Asia  [citation needed]
 Kazakhstan 15,000
 Uzbekistan 12,000
 Kyrgyzstan 1,000
 Tajikistan 100
Europe and Eurasia  [citation needed]
 Russia Over 30,000
 Azerbaijan 11,000
 Georgia 8,000
 United Kingdom* 7,000
 Belgium* 800
 Spain* 701
 Armenia 100
 Turkey 100
East and Southeast Asia  [citation needed]
 Hong Kong[9] 420
 Philippines 150
 Japan 109
 China 90
The Americas  [citation needed]
 United States 250,000
 Brazil 7,000
 Canada 3,522
 Argentina 2,000
Oceania  [citation needed]
 Australia 1,000
Related ethnic groups
Ashkenazi JewsMaghrebi JewsArabsAssyriansSephardi Jews other Jewish ethnic divisions.

I love the Royal story even more because the girl that introduced them happens to be Jewish from the Persian Gulf!

“She was born in the Persian Gulf nation of Bahrain, raised in London, educated in Paris and is now based in New York. Nonoo comes from a influential Bahraini Jewish family. Her aunt Houda Nonoo was the first Jew to be appointed as an ambassador from an Arab country, serving as Bahrain’s envoy to the United States from 2008-2013. Another relative, Ebrahim Daoud Nonoo, is a prominent local businessman and a former member of the country’s parliament.”

Read more:

I love how everybody is all mixed up!

Nobody fits into just one category!

I don’t believe in boxes!

Follow her fathers’s advice,

“Draw your own box.”

Coach Yulia

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