My husband is my everything


All dolled up for the birthday boy at La Gondola (minus the heels)

I am calm, I am healthy, and I know that because of my husband, I am taken care of and will get 100% better.

They say it’s not who you can live with, but who you can’t live without. Today is my husband’s birthday, and I want to wish him health, happiness, success, and an outpouring of love from everyone he meets. He is really one of a kind.

Starting last Sunday, my daughter and I indulged ourselves modeling in a full day fashion show.  My husband was with the boys all day. Sunday night I was out all night as a Doula supporting a birth, and into Monday working all day teaching classes. My kids were off of school all last week, my husband made it possible for me to fly.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday running between kids activities and work, and Thank God all of us had wonderful days. Ended off Thursday with another birth and Thanksgiving with family.

Friday and Saturday non stop friends, And unfortunately wearing the wrong shoes broke the camels back.

Since Sunday I have been incapacitated and stopped in my tracks literally. I know I will be OK because of my amazing family, my kids really stepped up to the plate too.

My husband has been taking care of me since the day we met, I’m so grateful to have him in my life.

Happy Birthday Sam!


Coach Yulia


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