I would rather take labor pain any day!


As a Doula I support women in their own personal journey. We all have a different pain tolerance, and each woman will have to figure out what works for her. There is not one method that will be right for everybody, so in the moment it’s good to try different tools.  Interesting part is that even throughout the labor and birth each sensation may require a different approach.

In Doula world, pain is progress, also when a woman says I can’t or it’s hard we know it’s almost the end.

Of course there’s a difference between pain and suffering, and there is no reason to suffer, but pain can be managed. The beauty of our body is that as the contractions get more intense, our body equals it with sensations as powerful as morphine.

I personally would much rather have natural birth, because I know that it’s going to be over with a beautiful baby in my arms, and it’s only one contraction at a time.

This morning I was brought to my knees with a back spasm that came out of the blue. It’s scary because I have no idea what happened, it maybe the shoes that I wore yesterday. I literally couldn’t get off the floor, and after some Motrin, ice, and Arnica, I am now laying in my warm bed.

I would rather take labor pain, than an injury or a pain coming out of nowhere where I can’t move.

Feeling better already,

Coach Yulia


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