They fell asleep on my floor

Started out the day with a beautiful Jewish celebration welcoming a new baby boy into the world. Then drove to the other side of the hill for a mommy and baby post partum Yoga and Pilates mix.

Took my mother in law to get a new hairdo to my favorite beauty shop where I get threaded, and they also do wax as well as hair.

Then dropped her off, grabbed the kids, took them to the library and to visit their baby cousin.


They have a whole week off of school, and luckily we have been good busy and figuring it out. Tomorrow we are Challah baking with Doda Mollie, and talking about the kids performing with her on stage on Chanukah at the Farmers Market next to the Grove!

Doda Mollie is rocking The Original Farmers Market on
Sunday, December 17th at 4:30 p.m.
Big Show! Big Fun! Big Everything!


Tomorrow we will spend a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and lots of cousins. Friday we will be visiting dear friends, and ending with a quiet, peaceful Shabbat.

I just had two classes in a row, the one at my house at the final relaxation, the ladies fell asleep on my floor. They did not hear as I was putting on my shoes, getting my keys, and grabbing a couple of Yoga mats for my next class for a couple in their home. Luckily one of them stirred, and I told them they could stay as long as they need to, but I had to go. Everything always works out, one almost did not come, but took an uber. So the other gal offered to give her a ride home.

Finished the night bringing calm into family life with kids, and feeling blessed that my energy is being absorbed and utilized.

Coach Yulia


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