I had to cancel a class, but I found my sunglasses

There is so much scheduling you can do. Especially when I love for people to really listen to their bodies and themselves, not push, be present, and feel connected when their body needs to stop or heal.

I like to be flexible too, especially when I have a Doula client that can literally need me at a moments notice. Today I almost squeezed everything in, but I was not able to find cover for one class. I feel bad for my regulars, it was one of the classes that is at a public location, so I cannot message everyone separately, I just have to find a sub, and I could not find anyone.

My day also started in a panic because I could not find my prescription sunglasses. I took them to the fashion show yesterday, and could not remember where I put them. I called the hotel, and I am still waiting for them to get back to me.

I just got home from a beautiful labor and birth, and took a wonderful shower. As I was looking in the closet to get my slippers, right next to my daughter’s backpack, which we took to the fashion show, were my sunglasses! I honestly have no idea how they got there, I know I did not put them in her backpack. Maybe they spilled into it when I put everything down together once I got home. I thought I would have to order new ones and I lost them forever.

You win some, You lose some.

Better preparation next time to have covers for all my classes.

Haven’t slept all night, nap soon, classes tonight, busy week.

Waiting on another baby.

Thank God,

Coach Yulia

Haize Hawke
You can not live your life so that others are happy and you are not. A life where others are fully expressed and you are not. Making decision for others comfort and your detriment.
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