Just make the change, or don’t

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Our body is such a brilliant machine. Thank God for Western medicine in emergency situations, when medication is needed, and when it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, we need to get out of our own way, and get out of our head. Our body heals itself all the time, and especially with labor and birth, it is a healthy elimination.


My kids are getting bigger, we have to rearrange their room and sleeping situation. Getting rid of a loft bed, bringing in a full, giving away toys and clothes we do not use anymore. Even if there is not a lot of room, you can still just make a change.


Below is one of my favorite childhood memories of deliciousness, can you guess what it is? Some things will never change, and I won’t, so don’t!

Coach Yulia



Can you guess what this is? It is the middle of a cabbage, in Russian we call it, KACHERISHKA, my mom would always give it to us when she was making something with cabbage, which is often in Russian and Jewish cooking.

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