All I have to do is show up

These are the wise words of one of my closest friends who also loves Yoga and literally needs it.  “All I have to do is show up!”

I was thinking how this applies to my working life, and once I show up, it is a beautiful calm, I have wise advice, and know exactly what to do and customize for each person and situation. Before and after I am running, specifically between family and self care, which are equally essential and deserve my undivided attention. 

My kids are early risers, and after breakfast, showers, and lunches, I run out the door to my first class at 7:40am. I have one after another until 1pm. Once I get home I get the luxury to have a nice lunch and take a nap. Now I am waiting for my kids to get home from school. Dinner and homework are on the agenda, then I run out again two teach two more classes tonight.

The teaching is my balance and sanity.

The children are my lesson, growth, and they have me unconditionally.

Thank God for my one of a kind husband that does absolutely everything to let me do absolutely everything.

Coach Yulia

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