Calm in between the non stop

As the kids get older, life becomes busy in a different way.  When they were three under three it was physically exhausting, and I am still waiting for the whining to stop completely! Now they all have schedules, classes, and shows that they prefer. Rarely do all three want to watch the same movie, but Thank God they all still play fun games together on Shabbat when there is nothing but imagination for entertainment.

My daughter just got her casting in a Willy Wonka that is just for girls in our observant community. The teachers are top notch professionals, and I am excited that she is able to go through the process of auditions, not getting exactly the parts she wanted, but having a great time and giving her all for the production.

While she is there, my boys are having a lazy day until my oldest has basketball practice, and his little brother wants to come along and cheer him on.

I am squeezing in a private class, ladies are driving up  from another part of town to get some pointers on form and alignment in our Yoga poses, and taking two CD/DVD’s to go, so they can do it on their own.

Then my daughter and I have a fitting for the women only event and fashion show. We did it before, it is so much fun, hair, makeup, and strutting our stuff on the runway. I am in a group of ladies wearing all white, second from the right. Details are in the flyer below.

In between it all, I am cleaning up here and there in the house, taking time to be online, and just taking it easy and staying calm in between all the non stop in our day.

Blessed for my kind of non stop.

Scheduling and confirming my busy Monday classes.

Finishing off the night with one more private for a family.

Waiting on a baby for my Doula client.

Breathing and staying calm,

Conscious and present,


Coach Yulia

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