Exhausted from Information Overload?

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Anyone else exhausted from information overload?

Social media has been such an amazing network and marketing tool for my business. As well as a way to stay connected with friends all over the world. I need to check it, but sometimes it is just too much. Besides opinions, rants, and all the craziness going on in our backyard as well as abroad,  it is so hard to look away.

Besides politics and Hollywood, in our greater Jewish community there have been shocking accidents, illnesses, and deaths. It is hard even if you do not know someone personally, it touches us emotionally. It is literally so hard to turn it off.

We can blame it on the weather or time change, but it is really our non stop connection and insatiable desire to not miss anything.

How do you stop?

When do you pause?

I pause in Yoga, Sleep, and Shabbat.

Coach Yulia


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