Today nothing works, so far

Lately, it has been so amazing to be in demand and busy. My brain can only handle so much, a few weeks ago I completely forgot a little speaker, and had a big event on Sunday, forgot the other speaker. Luckily they were a little speakers, not too expensive, but when I called to see if anyone had found the, they were gone.

I have been looking forward to starting a class today that is not very convenient for me, but an opportunity to meet people and network. When I arrived, I realized there was a misunderstanding, even though the series started today they didn’t want to do my class until the third week. For those of you from city, you know how time-consuming it is to do anything in the valley. Also another class that I’ve been trying to put together, there is a enthusiasm but nobody is ready to commit, and I have to just let it go and let things happen naturally.

On a positive note all three parent, teacher conferences gave glowing reviews of my kids personality and academic performance, Thank God!

I’ve always wished for a personal assistant, and now that I’m forgetting things, I think I need a an event and stage manager. I think I need to visualize bigger! Good things are coming, I just booked an event for pregnant mommies. Waiting on a baby for a Doula client, and as I’m dictating this I’m sitting in traffic from the valley, then three classes in a row tonight.

So far, so good.

Enjoy some LA humor,

Why do they call it the 405?

Because you only go 4 or 5!

Coach Yulia


Doing homework with all three kids at once!

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